​We serve clients from twenty countries and four continents, serviced worldwide by our global infrastructure.
We strive to be a reliable partner to our clients – placing their interests first and offering them high quality advice.
We strive to act with integrity, responsibility, fairness, transparency and discretion at all times in order to secure the trust of our stakeholders.
Simons Griffin Financial is an investment management and research firm specializing in portfolio management.
Simons Griffin Financial’s primary investment objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation and to minimize risk through active asset allocation within various investments.
​This broad strategy area focuses on event-driven trades implemented mainly through equity positions.
​​Simons Griffin Financial long/short equity managers construct net long or net short portfolios by using equity hedging strategies.


Clients First - We believe that we excel in:
A commitment to helping you reach your financial goals.
Respecting your privacy and keeping your financial information safe and confidential.
Delivering on our promises - and not promise what we cannot deliver.

A Higher Standard - Unlike most other firms, we do not turn your assets over to outside managers to invest. We manage your portfolio ourselves. We strive to deliver professional quality with a truly personal touch. This means not just knowing a few facts about you, but knowing you as an individual as well as an investor. When we structure your portfolio, we choose investments that are of high quality, of course. But more than that, we choose what we believe is best for you.

Wise Investing
Wise investing is focusing on what really matters to you, like your values and your dreams, instead of the daily ups and downs of the market.

It is also:

  • Ignoring the noise and focusing on diversifying the risks you can control and avoiding the ones you cannot.
  • Having a long-term plan and following it.
  • Knowing what you are doing with your money and why.

While we agree that watching investments grow is a satisfying experience, we also understand that there is more to managing wealth than account performance. As equally important is to understand what is important to you and building a plan to help you meet your unique goals. These are all integral parts of our ongoing relationship. Creating a plan and having the discipline to stick with it is a central part of our philosophy. Because of the uncertainties of life, we also feel it is important to recognize when changes need to be made to the plan. By meeting regularly and reviewing your goals, we aim to identify those areas that may require adjusting your unique plan.

Your Trusted Advisor
Managing wealth is more than accumulating and preserving assets. It is about getting to know you. Our constant focus is discovering and achieving what matters to you. Before we become your trusted advisor, we discuss your values; goals; personal, professional and institutional relationships; assets; and interests. The objective is to assemble a complete financial profile of you and your family.  We then mutually commit to your plan for success which will provide distinct solutions to address the financial complexities in your life. Through targeted strategy, we seek to enhance your wealth, give you peace of mind and add to your quality of life.
Investing time to build our relationship with you is integral to what we do and is the most important investment we make.

Building a Relationship
At Simons Griffin Financial our process is about knowing you. We take the time that allows us to truly understand who you are. Our process ensures an ability to oversee all the moving parts as well as the common goal to create a strategy that is unique to you. That kind of strategy can only be mapped by someone who is tuned to your personality, your needs and your current and future expectations. As your partner, we know and more importantly can anticipate your most challenging obstacles and we help guide you toward your long-term goals.

Your Wealth Strategy
Simons Griffin Financial delivers four primary wealth strategy services to manage the financial complexities in your life so that you are free to focus on other pursuits that are important to you.

Our process begins as we develop a deep understanding of everything that pertains to your financial goals and create a Discovery Profile that guides your wealth strategy. As we build our advisory relationship, our focus remains on you and on resolving complex issues within the following four life planning components:
Enhancing Wealth
Protecting Wealth
Transferring Wealth
Donating Wealth

Each component is addressed when - and if - it plays an integral role in your life. We help you balance and identify changing needs within your career and creative aspirations, family time, social and leisure activities and charitable giving. When changes are warranted, we help ensure smooth transitions for you or for multiple generations and branches within your family.